2020 theGAP Interns


Hunter comes from Sydney, is fresh out of high school and is looking forward to spending 2020 learning many new life skills. He is also keen to learn about the needs that the Moree Community has, and ways He can contribute by being the Hands and Feet of Jesus.


Zach is one of our first GAP Local interns! Zach attends the local Baptist Church in Moree and is involved in their youth ministry work. Zach is full of life and keen to share with people the Gospel Message that he has found His Hope and and Life in. Zach is also a local apprentice builder and is involved in various EHM ministries as he is able.


Eilish used to live with her family in More a few years ago. Eilish has returned to Moree this year to further develop relationships in the community and also deepen her relationship with God. Eilish enjoys worshipping and meditating on God’s Word, and discovering new ways of encouraging and reaching people with the truth and good news of Jesus Christ.


Shea is the second GAP Local intern. Shea attends the local Baptist Church and is involved in their Youth Ministries. She is also involved in a kids bible study for 9-12 year olds. Shea enjoys exploring God’s Word, finding and applying God’s truths to her life. She also works in the library at the local primary school.


Heather is from Sydney, although she came to Moree a few years a go to help us with different activities and programmes. Heather loves working with children, aswell as cooking. Heather is looking forward to getting to know God more, and learning about ways to better serve the community she lives in.

Here are some photos from throughout 2020 as they served with EHM.