2021 theGAP Interns

Hunter (theGAP2)

Hunter is staying on for atleast another year! Hunter was baptised last year and is keen to continue to explore and learn more about how his faith in Jesus Christ impacts his ministry and way of life. Hunter serves primarily in the Disability Service.

Eilish (theGAP2)

Eilish is back aswell. Eilish is keen to deepen relationships she’s made in the community and with other young adults in different churches too. She will be studying a Certificate in Lay and Pastoral Counselling this year. We are looking forward to hearing about all that she has been learning and growing in, and seeing the impact this has on her community involvement and outreach.


Barnabas joins the team this year, from Sydney. Barnabas is fresh out of highschool, and looking forward to exploring what it means to live away from home and make the many adult decisions he’s about to be making, if not already! Barnabas is keen to share the Gospel message with people, and wants to learn more about the indigenous community in Moree and further West. He enjoys mechanics and also enjoys having a good laugh. Barney will be studying a Cert 3 in Individual Support, as a prelude to nursing which he hopes to start next year!

We will add more photos throughout the year.