GAP Year 2018



Study & Non-Study Options Available

Study Option: Enrol Online with Australian College of Christian Studies (indicate you would like to do Moree GAP Year) for a Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology. We provide:

  • a Practical Ministry Context for your training (link in with other local churches, opportunities for travelling to remote communities, opportunities to serve in places suitable for your giftings)
  • Weekly community evenings—fellowship, food (physical and spiritual) and worship
  • Free wifi, printing, study space, study groups with other people doing GAP Year
  • Accommodation, food and transport around town
  • Opportunity for short-term employment


Non-Study Option: A year living and serving in a Christian community environment, with the opportunity to be involved in short-term casual work to support yourself. We have a number of employment opportunities (part-time) with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). While there is no studying, it would be a requirement that you participate in a low-key mentoring/discipleship programme and attend weekly community evenings.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in?

Please contact Paul (0438758629) or Erin (0413115558) for more information!


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