Gospel Life – theGAP


Ministry Mentorship Opportunity

We would love to extend this invitation to come and join theGAP (the Gospel Applied Practically) Ministry Mentorship Programme in Moree, NSW.

This is a mentoring programme like no other. theGAP uses alternative and modern learning and teaching methods to give students the opportunity to observe and gain experience in practical ministry opportunities in regional NSW, Australia. 

We meet together once a week to study God’s Word and see what He says about different Gospel Values and how these influence the way we minister the love of Jesus Christ to those around us each day.

Most of what you learn will be gained through the relationships that you develop with other people involved in the Ephraim House ministry community.

We’ve had many conversations with young people over the years, who are wrestling with the coming together of discipleship, ministry and life.

“How do I grow in my walk with Jesus, while being in the work force?”

“How can I share my faith with others, without it seeming like an ‘add-on’ in my life?”

“What does living a gospel-centred life look like when I have a family and all the demands that come with that?”

Our GAP Programme gives you the space to work through foundational life questions in a safe environment, surrounded by people with a range of life experiences – all of whom love Jesus. Our conversations are seasoned with grace.

What’s Involved in the Programme?

  • 3 Hours of Face-to-Face theGAP group time a week
  • 1 Ministry Reflection Journal with guided questions, to be completed each week. Your mentor will write back to you, reflecting further on your responses and challenging you in your personal growth and walk with the Lord.
  • Plenty of ministry opportunities – some mandatory, others optional, some paid, some unpaid.
  • Accommodation – we have a men’s house and women’s house thanks to the help of Hands and Feet Inc, a Christian Charity that we partner with!

Why do people come and do theGAP?

  • God has given them a desire to serve Him in Moree and/or communities further West.
  • They want opportunities to engage in practical ministry alongside other young Christian people.
  • You can do Disability Support Work (paid) to help cover theGAP programme costs and accommodation costs aswell.
  • There’s no age limit.
  • It’s not an academic heavy programme.

CLICK HERE to read about some of our past and current intern’s experiences.

Application Process

  1. Fill out an Application Form Ephraim House GAP Programme Application Form and return it to us as soon as possible so we can get the process started.
  2. We will email out referee’s forms. Once these have been completed and returned to us we will let you know.
  3. Ephraim House Leadership team will be presented with your application and will pray together for you, and compile any further questions they may have.
  4. Interview time will be arranged with you and members of the leadership team (and your parents if appropriate).
  5. Decision will be made. The leaderships team decision is final. You may start the application process again for the next year, if you wish.

To find out more information please contact our office for more information. moree@ephraimhouse.org