Mothers in Ministry

When I was young God placed on my heart to be involved in family ministry – serving Jesus together as a family. As we’ve got married and had children and continued to serve Jesus in various ways I have realised that this is not an easy calling. It’s a calling that requires balance, close walk with the Lord, discernment (much!) and encouragement.

For most part of our married life I have felt alone in this calling. I have struggled to meet and connect with other women in similar situations. I know they are out there, but wanted to create a community where we could gather, share our joys and struggles and encourage each other with God’s Word.

Feel free to check out and join the Facebook Community “Mothers in Ministry“. (It’s a new setup, and I’d like to connect with other mums in similar ministry/mission settings).

There is such a diverse group of women involved in ministry / mission, and the demands and struggles vary greatly. My prayer is that as you connect with other ladies you may use God’s Word to instruct and encourage each other.

On Mother’s Day 2017, I was asked to share at a church in Muswellbrook about some of my experiences with motherhood and mission. I hope to put the script up soon, but for now, here is the youtube video. I hope, if you have time, you find it encouraging.

Mother’s Day Message 14th May, 2017 – Hope City Church, Muswellbrook, NSW

In October 2017 Paul and I were asked to share at MISSIONREACH conference about Families in Mission, however due to running over a kangaroo and extensive damage and no transport for the family to get to the conference we couldn’t make it. I ended up putting together a handout overview. a number of people have since contacted us, asking for us to put the contents on the blog. You can read that entry by clicking on the link below:

Mission and Family Strahan October 2017

May God Bless you as you walk with Him and service Him in faith each day,