National Disability Insurance Scheme

Over the last few months we have been registered as Service Providers for the new NDIS programme that the government has been rolling out. It has been a huge learning curve – but definitely worthwhile.

It has allowed us to connect further with family members of children and families we work with, and also establish new connections and networks.

Ephraim House has been a trial branch for Hands and Feet with the NDIS work, and we hope to be able to duplicate these services in time to come. It’s also envisaged that when the new property is purchased we will be able to be registered providers of Children’s Respite care that our town so desperately needs.

So what does this work look like?

We are registered with the NDIS to do Cleaning, Yard Maintenance, Meal Provision and Household Assistance for those with approved NDIS plans. Because we only have a small staff base at the moment, we only have a few clients – but this has allowed us to get to know them well, and allow them to trust us. It is a privilege and humbling experience to sit with those who are lonely and talk with them, cry with them, clean with them and listen to their life stories. It has also been special to include our children in this – the therapy of children is so powerful! The children take turns at helping with gardening and cleaning when it is appropriate and the participants are happy for them to attend.

Hands and Feet hopes to be able to broaden their NDIS delivery network in the next few months.

For Participants

If you are a Participant with the NDIS and are interested in Hands and Feet – Ephraim House working out a unique Service Agreement together to meet your needs please get in contact with us, we would love to be able to see if and how we can help you! Feel free to call Erin on 0413115558 or send an email to erin@handsandfeet.com.au

Some feedback we have received so far from clients include,

“Aw Unk, look at the fridge, it’s so clean!”

“Paul & Erin are my new friends. They actually genuinely care about me. They aren’t about the money – they are all about their clients.”

“I love watching the kids help with the gardening. I could watch them all day.”

“God Bless you’s for cleaning my house for me.”