For ministry to run smoothly it’s important that before people come they are prepared as well as possible.

Living, studying and serving together in a community that is different to your own can bring some new challenges to your life!

Thorough preparation cannot fully prepare someone for different reactions and responses to the situations you are sometimes put in. In our community and context there are some people we work with who have suffered numerous and varied traumas, resulting in behaviour that can at times be really hard to handle and confronting.

We believe part of a growing spiritual maturity is realising and learning the correct response to difficult situations.

Our hope is that this preparation material will help establish some expectations and boundaries for when you come and serve out here. It may help also help as a gauge, as to whether this is a suitable placement for you. It’s important throughout this process that you remain prayerful as you consider the information in each section.

Some sections are brutally honest, because, well, we have to be as our kids and family become very vulnerable and part of our role is to protect them and guide them.

Over the years we have had numerous people through our home. These sections are written from our observations and lessons we have learnt or are in the process of learning. They are for your benefit and for ours as well.

The sections are as follows.

1. Child Protection

2. Our Motivation

3. Our Family

4. Our Community

5. Conflict resolution

6. Servant Leadership

7. Finances

Please print out THIS document, and fill out the reflections for each section, and include this in your application.

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