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calling (noun)

1a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence

Paul & Erin Strahan, along with their 5 children are hometown missionaries in Moree, NSW, Australia.

Over the years, Paul & Erin have continued to sense God calling them to serve Him, as a family in Moree in a variety of ways but primarily to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the indigenous children and their families in this region of NSW.

They currently serve as TEAM Partners with Australian Indigenous Ministries, and have also been commended to full time ministry with AMT (Australian Missionary Tidings).

Their approach to ministry is one that is characterised by unique responsiveness to the needs they have brought before them, which often in small communities are varied in context and intensity. They might have children stay in their home for a day or weeks, might need to transport someone whose vehicle has broken down, could be requested to take a funeral, or help families with moving house.

For the last 17 years, together and with the help of numerous volunteers over the years, they have been contining the ministry work established by Paul’s parents, working predominantly on evangelising to the local indigenous people by providing dinners, friendship, hosting holiday programmes, practical resources and providing gospel teaching and fellowship to communities in NW NSW as requested.

In recent years, and after a number of young people interested in joining in the work for a short time, they have also realised the need to provide opportunities for young people to be trained, mentored and discipled by way of a ministry mentorship programme dissimilar to a Bible college. They have called this ministry mentorship theGAP.

Ephraim House is also supported by Hands and Feet Inc, which is a registered Australian Charity. All donations for these projects are Tax Deductible. These programmes include education, welfare and building projects.

Ephraim House exists to:

  • Encourage local Christian ministry – including bible teaching, discipleship and gospel outreach.
  • Partner with local Churches and Christian organisations to support the equipping and training of local Christians
  • Encourage and network with organisations (Churches, Bible Colleges, Schools) to facilitate ministry training in a range of contexts.
  • Provide a ministry facility that programmes and training can be run from, families can retreat to in times of crisis, and regular weekend programmes can be run from for children engaged in other Christian ministry programmes.

Paul and Erin both love to write – but with different styles. They have compiled some of their writing into a blog, and try to add it as they are able. To check out some of their Blog Posts CLICK HERE.


Erin, Paul, SetH, Reuben, grAce, shauneIsha, Maleah

Maruma-li Community Ministries Pty Ltd

Trading as: Ephraim House Moree // Nhuubala Yugal Education Centre
ABN 61 112 914 897
106 Amaroo Drive, Moree, NSW, 2400