Safe Ministry Commitment & Policies

Ephraim House Moree is committed to being a Safe Ministry, operated by volunteers and leaders who have integrity and respect for those we are serving.

Ephraim House Moree works closely with Safe Ministry Check and our Insurer to help us develop policies and procedures that reflect strong biblical principles of integrity and care. All volunteers and workers with Maruma-li Community Ministries Pty Ltd (Ephraim House Moree & Nhuubala Yugal Education Centre) are required to complete the Volunteer & Leader modules of Safe Ministry Training, and as of January 2020 will be required to participate in and complete an orientation programme every two years.

If you are joining a team to come and serve with us, you will need to complete the  Safe Ministry Check modules prior to your arrival.

Our Current Safe Ministry Contact People are:

Paul Strahan
Erin Strahan

If you have any concerns about the behaviour of any volunteers or staff, please direct your concerns to one of these people.