Gospel Link-Up – Visiting EHM

Paul & Erin have had teams come and visit for varying purposes for many years now. Some have come to run children’s programmes, some have come to help with maintenance. Some have come to grow in their understanding of what Christian mission and service looks like in regional Australia.

We have lost count of the people who have said, “I’m so glad I came! I had no idea what to expect before we arrived, but it’s something you have to experience in order to understand!”

When teams do come and visit there are some things that we really value doing together:

  • Preparation – before teams arrive we like to work together with team leaders to make sure that everyone is prepared.
  • Eat Together – We value eating together because #1 it’s cheaper to eat together, and #2 we love being able to have conversations centred around the gospel and the work people have been involved in. We love hearing about where you’ve come from and what God is doing in your life.
  • Pray Together – We love being able to pray about whatever we are involved in. We love praying for children and their families by name.
  • Drive Together – We love going out into the community and meeting new people, helping in whatever ways we can. We share stories from the past of God’s goodness, and also stories that we have grieved over. Please don’t take photos while we are driving.

If you are interested in bringing a team out we encourage you to contact Paul & Erin to discuss what opportunities might be available and whether visiting Moree would be a suitable option for your team.

We have accommodation available for teams to stay in. The recommended team size for accommodation is between 10 & 15 people. We also have a number of camping / swagging options available too.

We are open to creative solutions if more would like to come!

We are putting together a maintenance team in July 2022.
Feel free to check out more on the following pages.

Running a Holiday Programme

Joining a Maintenance Team

**Due to the vulnerability of the people we are working with and serving, and a desire to remain accountable and transparent for the sake of our local community, it is preferred that each person visiting completes our Safe Ministry Training online prior to their arrival, up to the supervisor level. If you have a Working With Children Check or State Equivalent you can also provide this when you do your training.