The Sin He Bore For Me

The Sin He Bore For Me

I want to know the pain you suffered
By suffering for thee
I want to know the pain you when through
While hanging on that tree
When by your Father forsaken
And left out there to die
To save a wretched sinner, one so bad as I

The Lord that day He suffered
As He hung upon the tree
He suffered there a perfect man
And bore the load for me

I want to see the awful agony
And feel the load you bore
I want to see the purple robe
And the crown of thorns you wore
The awful humiliation
You went through on that day
So that I could be in Heaven, on some coming day

I want to see the eyes of Jesus
As He looks out on the crowd
The people hurling insults
And feeling really proud
That they crucified the Saviour
The King of Kings that day
I want to hear the words He spoke, as He gave His life away

The pain that Jesus suffered
We’ll never really know
The agony He went through
While He was here below
Forsaken by His Father
In the darkness of that day
He died alone upon that tree, and took my sins away.

Paul Strahan, 2003


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