I’ve come to collect the debt

There was a stranger at the door
When she got up to answer the knock
She had never seen his face before
There was no way she knew this bloke

She was taken aback
When she heard him say
“I’ve come to collect the debt”
‘Cause there was no one to whom she owed, no one she had to pay

“Sorry” she said “I don’t owe a thing”
He answered “But Ma’m you do
And I my dear am the baliff
And have come to collect from you”

She went and got her sister
And told her his demand
She too was confused to whom they owed
They both couldn’t understand

He told them they were in debt
To Him who died to save the lost
And they couldn’t pay the debt themselves
For it was too high a cost

They soon understood the one who they owed
Was the King of Glory
They took it in like little kids
As he told them the old old story

Of one who came down here from Heaven
To this sad scene below
And died on a cross to pay their debt
A debt he didn’t owe

They saw their good works weren’t good enough
To get them into heaven
They had to trust in the One who died
So their sins could be forgiven

And because He died and rose again
To save their souls from sin
When they die and go to Heaven
This One will let them in.


Paul Strahan



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