Nhuubala Yugal Education Centre

Nhuubala Yugal Education Centre

A large number of students are struggling to engage in education at school. There are various reasons why they have fallen so far behind children their own age. But it doesn’t have to stay this way!

NYEC offers a number of support programmes to help students stay engaged with their current education provider. None of these programmes are currently funded, except for generous donations from supporters.

School Connect

We provide breakfast, lunches, school bags, uniforms and any other required school resources to help students with chronic truancy re-engage and stay at school, minimising their days of truancy.


– Fuel $100 per week

– Lunches $100 per week

– Additional Resources $100 per month

– Wages for School Connect Workers $900 per week

Education Mentoring

When a student is enrolled with an external education provider, we can provide education mentoring services including time and supervision, learning resources (wifi, books, pens, paper etc), and transport to and from supervision sessions.


We value:

Being guided by God’s Word to guide and give a foundation for our programmes

We need to each be regularly in God’s Word, being transformed and ministered to, so that we can be ready to share it with those we meet and minister to in our positions.

Being Empowered by God’s Spirit to strengthen and equip us

When we hit road blocks and aren’t quite sure what to do, or how to bring about learning and growth in a student we can depend on God’s Spirit to equip, enable and guide us in our approach and content as we tutor.

Being Motivated by Love to serve our community

Keeping in mind that the reason we love is because Christ first loved us and laid down His love for us, we are motivated to love those around us in Christ-like, sacrificing ways. Families may have never experienced the love of Jesus before – you are His hands and feet.

Saturating our service in prayer

Prayer is powerful. Prayer changes our situations and allows God to work and reveal Himself. Prayer causes us to prepare and plan for things that we haven’t yet experienced or seen coming our way. It’s wonderful to watch relevant content be perfectly timed as it’s taught.


The tutoring studio is set up to support children and their families who are struggling at school and to help increase literacy and numeracy skills before they lose all interest in learning. We also want to be able to equip parents with skills and games to encourage literacy and numeracy in their homes.

We are currently looking for local Christians who are interested in a special opportunity to tutor children either in a one-on-one setting, group setting, or one-off intensive group setting throughout the year.

We believe that through prayer, authentic Christ-like relationship and regular tutoring we can:

  • help children to re-engage in their learning,
  • provide support to parents and families, offering resources they can use in their own homes to support their child’s education
  • help increase the literacy and numeracy rates locally

Education Mentoring

Student’s who have a history of long-term disengagement from learning need extra support to re-engage and settle into a routine that promotes and encourages life long learning. We’ve setup an EDUCATION MENTOR role that helps encourage students to re-engage with their current education provider and provide the necessary supports and resources to routines of regular attendance and completion. Because enrolment is often held with another organisation, this role is considered a ‘Community Service’ role, rather than education and no education qualifications are required.

If this is a position that interests you, please get in contact with us!