Social Media Observations

It’s been playing on my mind lately – the place of social media as a Christian.

Maybe its the increase in family size lately that’s made it more obvious just how much time is literally wasted checking on how others lives are going, but not making contact?

Is it accurate what’s going on in people’s lives? So much information is missing. Some people use it to complain all the time, some to share all the positives, some flatter, some boast, some posts are great sources of discontentment for others – but we get hooked.

Something happens in our day & our initial thought is “that would make a great status”. I’m guilty.

That spare moment in the day – grab the phone. The kids are screaming, I need a break – grab the phone. I’m guilty.

Sitting in bed, husband & wife on their phones / tablets. Don’t speak a word to each other for aaaaagggggeeeeess. – guilty right now.

Is this really what God intended? Parents technologically removed from their children, spouses technologically estranged from each other.

Time for some firmer boundaries. What are yours? What does the bible say?

“The fruit of the Spirit is….self-control”

“Do not boast”

“Love is not self-seeking”

Does posting a bible verse make everything ok & justify our usage?

Dear Lord, help us to use the 24hours you give us each day to honour you. Teach us to encourage those we are in contact with. Help us not to be overcome with discontentment, or be sources of discontentment for others. Help us to be people of integrity engaged with the world we live in, rather than be absent from those we are closest to. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Observations

  1. True every word of it we all need to spend more time with the Lord and family then ever we did in this time and day , these modern things rob us of special and precious times.


  2. Having fought long and hard to stay ‘face book free’, it is nice to see someone encouraging people to put down the devices and speak to people, speak to Him! Somehow in the age of social media, we have lost the art of genuine communication. May God awaken us to the ‘idol’ it has become! Amen 🙂


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