End of a Season…

So, today, our 17 year old young lad officially moved out of our home after 3 1/2 years of abiding in our home. A lot has happened in our lives that he has had to deal with. 3 babies, breakins, travelling, and extra visitors. There’s also a lot that we have had to deal with, but we don’t regret any of it. I believe God uses these sacrifices for purposes greater than our minds can conceive.

I have huge respect for Paul who diligently stayed up everynight Matt* was home late, until he knew he was in bed somewhere safe, the trips to pick him up from the other side of town…at 2am, the ‘man up’ talks, the list goes on.

I considered him a son while he was in our home and am grateful for the time He spent with us.

God has taught me much about the ‘grafted vine’, grace & sacrifice through this experience & I am thankful.

So now our family adjusts to a new season before us, and waits for the next challenge God puts before us.

**name changed

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