Revelation 3:17-18

Revelation 3:17-18
This passage has had me captivated for weeks now. God commands John to write to the Church in Laodicea, and in this part he addresses the blindness, poverty and nakedness of the heart that has taken them over by being consumed by their wealth. How easy this can happen to us – a tax break, a payout, a business deal. We see it around us all too often.
But the solution?
Trade your riches for God’s satisfying answers to life’s problems. Buy from God gold – His gold, then you will know richness in all its fullness. Buy from God white clothes to wear then you can be dressed modestly and He will remove your shame and buy from Him healing lotion to put on your eyes and then you will be able to see – see the truth of the greatness of the Salvation that God offers through Jesus Christ.
How hard is it for us to give up our wealth? For some of us it is extremely hard to give up the safety of our earthly treasures, the happiness of our ‘trendy friends’ wrapped in wealth too, but the passage goes on to say that if only we would do these things sincerely and turn from our sin that we will have fellowship with Him and to those who overcome – they will be given the right to sit with Him (Jesus) on His throne.
What riches are holding you back from embracing fellowship with Christ?
Much love, Erin.


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